Saturday, April 13, 2013

From Suza.
Written around 4/8/2013
On one side of the paper is a 'hand-out' titled:  Goals: Typing Essay

1.  Imagine yourself ten years from now.

2.  An Inheritance from Uncle Harry! Let's imagine you just inherited twenty million Dollars...

(note: I find it fascinating these are the suggested essays in Suza's class in prison...)

On the otherside is a pencil drawing of the women, sitting in class... and then Suza writes:

"I'm in love with the sky.  It is purple and wild, moist with thunder and possibility - I drink the clouds, I eat the light, and I almost fall down because I can't look at the ground.  God speaks to me with warm breath, the wind is full of earth and sprouting seeds.  And, in the distance, the faint fertilizers efforts of these Illinois farmers, soybeans, corn, dog food, and the flat earth all merge into a strange vibrancy.  How can I feel the light of the Divine in this flat landscape?  How can I think that those birds are my pulsing flight?  How can this be?  I have no answers, but the trees are bursting with new buds.  I love you. Suza"

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