Saturday, April 13, 2013

4/8/2013  Another from Suza...

At the top...pencil line drawing of an Afro American women, glasses, corncrows and bun perched on top of her head.  Contemplative look on her face.  Thoughtful.

"Later...Sitting on my bunk, my roommate has been regaling me with stories of her recent life.  It's a Bonnie and Clyde story, complete with being "on the run" chased by the Feds...guns, drugs, rock and  I like her a lot because she doesn't act all goody-goody about it...or mushy either. She tells her story without alot of apology.  Rather, she simply states that she just powered straight ahead and didn't think about much...she wanted to go for whatever was in front of her.

Imagine snorting something...maybe heroin or no! some crunched up pills while driving with a buddy - throw in drinking, too.  Suddenly they miscalculate on a curving county road.  Cut to slow motion: the car flies with these two bad angels, then lands crashing through trees and ravines. Finally, the car is still, they're both unconscious.  They come to at the same moment.  Then with a twist of fate, he looks over at her and says, "oh you are okay right?  I felt bad I might have hurt you." Then, he dies.  She lives.  This is just one episode in her life.  Wow.  I think I want to write her story."

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