Thursday, March 28, 2013

From Suza

Overall, things are getting easier for me.  Scrubbing pots and pans was not my cup of tea but the women were wonderful and in general, kind and generous.  Here in prison we are all the same.  This egalitarianism is delicious to me in that I can truly experience women who come from a completely different experience than my own.  I was so bored in the kitchen that I ended up singing a lot.  This invited some ridicule as well as some genuine fun with all of us singing together.  Then I would play the machines like drums-I just can't help it.  I just get so repressed.  (Note: Suza has since been transferred to the prison school where she is tutoring.)

On another small note, I have lost weight and I am focused to get to my "good weight".  I am highly dedicated to this with a lot of other women.  22 times around my wing=1 mile....oh yeah.  There are aerobic sessions too.

To Ben, Spellman, Jamila, Amira, Kimber, Kinsley, Ryan, Scout, Christina--you beautiful children are always in my prayers.  Love, Mom

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