Saturday, March 23, 2013

Suzannah Lambert-Bowser


  1. My daughters and I will be transcribing Suza's writings from prison on this blog. Please "follow" it so you can read about her journey. The writings that have come through are powerful. Please stay tuned. This blog means the world to Suza as it is the only way she can connect to us all. With love, Alison (Suza's sister.)

  2. Hello! This is a trial comment to make sure the blog is in working order. ~Deborah

  3. Suza has been sending me many amazing writings too...I will post as I get them. I had three great conversations with her this past week. She is doing well. She sounds strong and centered and focused. The most stressful part of incarceration is staying out of trouble. The system is strict on conformity and one can easily and inadvertently make a mistake. She says it is getting easier as she learns the system, rules and regulations. Some of the guards want you to fail, others are sympathetic and thoughtful. She is finding the other women inspiring and likes her roommates very much, especially the woman that lives in the bunk above her. Anything she needs must be purchased at the commissary at inflated prices so anyone that has an extra few $$ don't hesitate to put it in her account. There are many women that can't afford anything so what Suza has; toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, lotion etc. does not last long as she shares it with those that have so much less. If everyone reading this, posted $5 to her jpay account per month it would make not only a difference to Suza but in her helping others. More as I have it. thank you for doing this Alison!!! xoxo Tally

  4. Written From: Decatur Correction Facility
    Date: March 13, 2013
    Chow Lines (rough draft)
    by Suza Lambert Bowser
    We look at each other through the wire reinforced glass.
    On one side, the dietary crew slings pots and pans,
    flings plastic trays, and stacks cups through the devouring dishwasher that looks like a stainless steel conveyor beast.

    On the otherside of the glass, the prisoners in the corridor stand in lines waiting for their chance at chow.

    We stare at each other - an uneasy exchange. but when our unit comes into view, everyone waves briefly and madly, blowing kisses and friendly mouthed words.

    but, then, the line doesn't move and everyone is stuck, gazing at one another silently, the greetings over and nothing left but bewildered looks.

    It is this moment that intrigues me: the "nothing-left-to-say" moment,when eyes meet eyes and all that's left is sinking realization. We watch each other - baffled and blank - and that is all.

    1. Suza ...It's a long hot dry summer here in Sheep Ranch . I was over at Freds house last night we had dinner and he told me about your blog .Fred purchased the corner of his property that (hidden in all the berry vines) is the foundation and basement of an old bar that burned down 40 yrs ago.We are excavating and finding all kinds of treasures.Sanzeri is bartending in Angel's Camp .We are missing you.xoxokurt