Thursday, August 28, 2014

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Hi everyone,
Recent update from Suza: (email from Alison)

Suza has had a disappointing change in her residence. She has been on the maternity ward with the babies and Moms for about a year but, yesterday, she was suddenly transferred to another wing.  It was a heart-breaking, unexpected and tearful move as she had to say goodbye to a certain special baby and all her fellow inmates whom she has grown to love. She surmises this transfer is due to two disgruntled Corrections Officer who were threatened by Suza's good standing with the other inmates and most of the staff, including the warden.
She is now on the E Wing (I believe) in a room with 8 other inmates. She has a great reputation among the inmates so there is no need to re-establish herself in this new wing but all the niceties of the maternity wing are gone.
Suza was approved for work release about two months ago and is on a waiting list with about 80 other inmates. She has been told she can expect to go around the end of September. (Work release is like a halfway house where prisoners work during the day on the outside but reside in a prison environment.) I asked Suza if I could contact the warden on her behalf but she thinks I should hold tight.
Suza was really shaken by this change. While on the maternity ward, she was as close to happy as someone in prison could be. This move rattled her back to the reality of the typical prison experience. 
It seems a good time for us to rally around her with letters and cards, books and love. Her address is unchanged.

-After talking to my mom over phone- She was taken in to a meeting with 3 out of 5 of the counselors.  They stated she "needed a time-out." One of the main "overseers" of that wing claimed some ridiculous shit, like she left one of the babies alone. Or that she put a blanket basically in an un-authorized position on a stroller. She is now on B Wing with about 75 other women. They offered for her to come back to the maternity wing but I think she wants to avoid moving backwards. Although it's tough to leave all those kids and mamas who rely very much on her, she can have a little more free time (less time-consuming job). I hope she can keep her head up and stay on a semi-smooth path as much as she can. 

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  1. I am appalled at this change for Suza. She is such a wonderful woman and gave so much of herself to the babies who live on E-Wing as well as those who visit w/their moms who participate in Reunification. I miss her smile and kindness. I miss our talks. I pray she gets to WR soon - I can't believe it has taken so long, so very sad. Please pass along my love to her - LOLO